Additional Complementary Products

In 2009, Chaîneries Limousines linked up with the Autrian group Pewag, whose expertise in the field of chain-making is well-known in the world market.  The synergies created by this complementary partnership, enable the group to offer you the best in chain products. The chains made in France by Chaineries Limousines are used and sold with Pewag accessories.

Pewag and Chaîneries Limousines provide a unique combined expertise in metallurgy and manufacturing, dedicated to producing world-class chains and lifting accessories.

With more than 600 accessories, there is wide range of high-quality products available. You can find:

  • Pewag products:  technical chains, lifting points, sling chains, forestry and other accessories.
  • Chaineries Limousines products: cattle chains, transmission chains and other accessories.

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